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A super breast health result achievable by you

Do you sometimes think that you are not sure what you could do to improve your breast health?

This was on the mind of the woman of whom you can see the thermal images below.

She wore a bra, just because she always did that. She had some pain and sometimes a lumpy feeling, which was worse around her period, but all in all not bad enough to go to the GP.

Do you recognize this?

By having a breast thermogram done, this woman, whose thermogram showed a low level of breast health, got some tips from me on how to improve her breast health. Things that are valuable in breast health are regular breast massage, dry brushing, but most important of all, have extended periods without wearing a bra.

She followed the advice and after only 2 weeks, we could see a marked improvement in the follow up thermogram, she felt a tremendous relaxation in her breasts., which you can see in the images below.

At her first thermogram we see all different colours (temperatures) over both breasts. This indicates that there is restless activity in the breast tissue. This can be due to inflammation, hormones or the lymph not flowing well, which then accumulates waste in the breast tissue.

But because of a few simple tips the activity was gone and we now have a thermographic breast health assessment with nice even colours (temperatures), which means breast health has been restored.

Do you want more information about thermal imaging or have any questions?

Please feel free to contact me

Image De Groene Zuster

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