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Benign Breast Conditions

Specialising in Woman's Health

The purpose of the screening is to identify changes in the physiology of the breasts that could point to the development of general or local disease, benign or malignant.​

The majority of symptoms in the breasts are benign, but can cause women a lot of concern. Breast Thermography can help identify those benign activities.

Most of the lumps and bumps we feel are due to benign fibrocystic changes.


Fibrosis refers to connective or scar tissue and cysts are cavities filled with fluid.

When a woman experiences pain or discomfort it is often caused by those fibroids. The breasts usually feel lumpy. Discomfort and the enlargement of the lumps is often noticed more around the time of the woman's period.

Fibroid-adenomas happen mainly in younger women between the ages of 15 and 25. They have a firm, smooth structure and are easily moveable. If they need to be removed, they are best operated on after the age of 25.

​​Papillomas are small tumours which occur in the main milk ducts, just behind the nipple. Sometimes they produce a yellow secretion or make the nipple inverted. They usually occur in women between the ages of 30 and 50. The treatment is the surgical removal of the milk duct to exclude cancer. 

There is no conclusive proof that a benign tumour can develop into something malignant over time, but women who develop little lumps on a regular basis may have a slightly higher chance of developing malignant disease.


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