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Appointment Fees

To make an appointment, please feel free to ring, Whatsapp to 07539 366 283 or send me an email to

Please note that there is sufficient time for your appointment, which allows for discussing any other health issues




Breast Thermography / Yearly Follow up £/€ 195 - 1 hour

This gives you an in-depth assessment of you breast health where we can measure and compare temperatures as well as taking a closer look at possible structures located under the skin thanks to the TAS thermography software. 20 Signs relating to breast disease including circulation (angiogenesis), inflammation and hormone activity are looked at to give you a professional and highly accurate insight in to your present breast health.


3 or 6 month Follow Up study £175 (if indicated).

A follow up study is sometimes required when the findings of your thermogram indicates a higher risk for developing disease a particular area needs to be monitored for changes. I allow 1 hour as well for the follow up study and will be asked for when the first report identified areas of concern. This second screening is compared to the first one to compare patterns and temperatures to make your baseline for future reference and to confirm your own specific circulatory pattern.

Women's Health Check full body + Full Breast Report  £/€ 385 - 2 hours / without separate breast report £/€ 355

Please note that you, as a woman, will receive 2 separate reports, one in-depth one for the breasts, the other for the full body.

I have decided to do this to give you the best possible assessment, especially helpful for those of you with diagnosed breast disease. 

Women's Health Check half body + Full Breast Report  £/€ 355 - 2 hours / without separate breast report £/€ 335


Men's Health check full body £/€ 355 - 1.5  hours

Men's Health check half body £/€ 335 - 1.5  hours

NEW - Regions of interest

Head and Neck £/€ 195 - 1 hour - this tests includes an assessment of headaches, teeth issues, sinus, thyroid health, neck and shoulder problems, glandular problems, blood flow to the head. 

Legs and feet - 1 hour £/€ 195 - this test can show any inflammation in muscles, tendons, joints or bones, identify varicose veins, signs of thrombosis, general circulation issues, nerve issues, signs of diabetes, arthritic changes. It includes an assessment of the lower back since sciatica is related to nerve entrapment in the lower spine. 

Thyroid only  £/€ 95 - 45 mins

Abdomen only in relation to digestive issues - £/€ 95 - 45 mins

Abdomen with nutritional coaching session - £/€ 195  - 2 hours

​Additional Holistic Health Advice

If you would like to book extra time at your appointment to discuss your health with me, please add 1 extra hour to the thermography consultation.

The additional cost is £/€ 50

Your report

is a full medical report, written for other medically trained professionals, but I will include comments in the text for you to make sure you can understand what the main observations were and explain any advice given by the interpretation doctor.

If you would still like to speak with me regarding the report results or holistic advice in relation to your health issues, then you are very welcome to do so and I can offer you a short 30 minute follow up appointment by telephone, Facetime or Skype. Please make sure you have written down your questions in advance so we can make the best use of our time.

If you need additional time, the charge is £/€ 30 (30 mins) or £/€ 50 (1 hour).

Appointment Reservation Fee

I charge a reservation fee of £/€35 to make sure you are booked in for your appointment.

You can make the payment by bank transfer before your appointment to:

Barclays Personal Account 

Janet van Dam

Sort code 20-16-12 / Account 00289094


​At the time of your appointment you can pay the remainder of the full amount

Payment can be made by bank transfer on the day, cash or cheque​ (UK only)

Cancellations are excepted with a minimum of 48 hours notice. Within 48 hours there is a 50% charge. This is to cover my costs and inability to offer your appointment time to another client. 100% of the fee is payable for non-attendance without cancellation.Please do let me know as early as possible if you cannot make the appointment so we can re-schedule to another time.Thank you.

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