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Prof Marcos Leal Brioschi @ InfraredMed Brazil



Prof. Marcos Leal Brioschi, based in Brazil, is the medical expert who interprets your images. He is passionate about medical thermography and is at the forefront of research regarding the medical application of thermal imaging. He uses Mamovision, which he helped develop to accurately interpret the breast images.

Many of his studies have been publicised in for example Researchgate.

He works full time in the field of medical thermography.

Postgraduate in Thermology Clinical Thermography and the USP.

  • Graduated from the Federal University of Paraná, Curitiba, PR.

  • Specialization in General Surgery at University Hospital Cajuru – LST,
    Curitiba, PR.

  • Specialization in Forensic Medicine by ABML.

  • Area of expertise in Trauma Surgery by AMB.

  • Certification by SBED in pain.

  • Master and Doctor of Surgery UFPR in the area of thermography.

  • Postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Medicine Neurology USP.

  • Doctor of Engineering, Biothermodinamics group, UFPR.

  • Medical researcher at the Center for Pain IOT-HCFMUSP Group

  • Medical Thermography team of Syrian-Lebanese Hospital, SP.

  • Medical Thermography team’s Hospital July 9th, SP.

  • President of the Brazilian Association of Thermology (ABRATERM)

For ease I am linking you to a page of my Dutch thermography colleague where you will find many articles regarding the use of thermography in health and disease. Just click on a + to open each article

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