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Medical Interpretation Service

Professional and Reliable

Breast & Body interpretation service

Having the right back up from professional and knowledgeable thermography interpreters is invaluable for my clinic. As an independent clinical thermographer I have the freedom to search for and choose those interpretation services that I believe will give you the best evaluation of the images and the best value in assessing your health. This is an ongoing research on my behalf, because I want to give you, besides my time and my knowledge, the best advice to my ability on your health.



Breast thermography by TAS interpretation service offers the regular temperature assessment as well as STI (Spatial Thermal Imaging), which analyses the internal structures. I have chosen this service specifically for the breast health assessment, because of their experience, expertise and excellent software for specifically assessing breast health. This makes the interpretation more accurate and valuable.  

TAS Interpretation Service 


Body interpretation has 2 options.

Alitura Health offers part or full body reports. This service is more focussed on holistic breast and body health. Reports available are head and neck, legs only, upper body only and full body.

Abratherm. Dr Brioschi is a neurologist in Brazil and a pioneer in the drive to make medical thermal imaging part of the regular medical health care system. He offers full body reports only and is indicated in those symptoms mainly relating to musculo-skeletal problems. He is excellent in pain assessment. InfraredMed

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