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Medical Interpretation Service

Professional and Reliable

Breast & Body interpretation service

Having the right back up from professional and knowledgeable thermography interpreters is invaluable for my clinic. As an independent clinical thermographer I have the freedom to search for and choose those interpretation services that I believe will give you the best evaluation of the images and the best value in assessing your health. This is an ongoing research on my behalf, because I want to give you, besides my time and my knowledge, the best advice to my ability on your health.

I have chosen TAS Interpretation Service for the breasts, because of their experience, expertise and excellent software for specifically assessing breast health. 

And I have chosen InfraredMed for specifically the body assessments. Prof. Dr. Marcos Brioschi is a neurologist and has extensive knowledge of the aetiology of pain (fibromyalgia), but also circulatory (heart, vessels, varicose veins), metabolic (diabetes, adrenals) and much more and is a pioneer in the field of medical thermology. He has literally hundreds of research publications on Research Gate. He is an instructor as well. I respect his clinical knowledge and innovation in the research and his active participation in the serious development in medical thermal imaging. 

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