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Thermography, what's its purpose?

Breast thermography is the only available test presently that evaluates and monitors function rather than structure (mammogram/ultrasound). We know that a long time before a tumour can be seen on a mammogram, a blood supply is being created to feed the tumour, but also metabolically things change in the breasts.

We monitor hormone activity, lymph congestion, inflammation and of course any irregular circulation that should not be there. A positive thermogram, meaning where abnormal temperatures were observed, is an indicator of a higher risk for developing disease in the future.

So the purpose of thermography is that it can be an early warning modality to you as a woman to be make changes for your breasts according to the findings. In this image below we can see post menopause breasts with dense breast tissue and hormone activity. They are also quite vascular, but temperatures were within the norm, so this lady was fine to come to the regular annual follow up.

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