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Classical Homeopathy

Curing Like With Like with a Single Remedy

Classical homeopathy

Classical homeopathy is a gentle and long, deep acting form of natural medicine, and of all natural healing methods, the most popular. This is is not surprising. A good homeopathic treatment is possible in many situations, both for physical and emotional complaints.

The Greek physician Hippocrates (460-377 BC) already had two ways of treating diseases with medicines.

One was with opposite means, such as a gastric acid inhibitor in case of too much gastric acid. This is exactly what our regular (or allopathic) medicine does: manage and control symptoms by controlling and suppressing them.

The second form of treatment is with a similar medium, for example: cutting up a raw onion can cause tears to stream down your face, but this property used in homeopathy is a treatment for example for hay fever with teary eyes. This is how homeopathy works, curing like with like.

About 200 years ago homeopathy was rediscovered by the leading German physician Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843). He established the principles of homeopathy in his "Organon der Rationelle Heilkunde" (1810) and is therefore considered the founder of homeopathy.

Homeopathy is a natural complementary form of medicine that aims to stimulate the body's own healing power and immune system by natural means so that a healthy balance is restored and symptoms disappear.


Homeopathy is based on the principle of similars or "Similia similibus curentur". This principle was discovered by Hahnemann and he introduced a completely new vision in medicine.

This rule means that a substance (plant, animal or mineral) in a large dose in a healthy person can evoke a poisoning or a disease picture. It is precisely this substance in small quantities that can help heal the same disease picture.

Healing Power

Our healing power always does its utmost to make us better and restore equilibrium. It chooses the best possible way and it is different for everyone. This is reflected in how we are sick and how we experience illness.

We all feel it in our own way and fortunately, most illnesses are self limiting and you will usually get better within a few days or weeks.

Physically, when not well, your healing power makes you feel tired, so that you will to rest and refuel your body. Sometimes your healing power makes you hungry, so you take in more nutrients that are needed to make you stronger. A big cold can be your solution to blow out waste through your nose, so that your body becomes cleaner.

Our healing power also keeps our minds healthy. If you are very sad, your tears will ensure that others see your grief and comfort you. If you are hurt, you will be dissatisfied which encourages your to work on a solution.

Sometimes, however, the circumstances are extremely difficult and that your own healing power is too weak to make you better, for example after a major accident, physical overload after heavy lifting, too much stress at work or the loss of a loved one.

This weaknesses can cause you to get sick, such as a persistent cold, sleep disturbances, which keeps you tired, continual disappointments, nervousness or anxiety.

Homeopathic treatment can in these circumstances bring emotional and physical relief and bring about gentle and permanent healing.

How I work

In my practice I work mainly with classical homeopathy because it allows you to tackle the root cause of problems. This can achieve very good results.

The original classical homeopathy works with the remedies and guidelines discovered and developed by Dr Samuel Hahnemann of around 1810. He extensively tested his remedies on his students who meticulously noted down all the symptoms that arose from taking them. This 200 years old knowledge and  experience in applying these remedies in disease have amply proven its effectiveness.

Classical Homeopathy

First consultation 1 1/2 hour £/€ 95

Follow Up 1 hour £/€ 55

Telephone consultation 30 mins £/€ 30 incl. remedy or 1 hour £/€ 55

Repeat prescription, only £/€ 10

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