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Breast Health Tips

Breast thermography is not so much about disease, but more about monitoring, prevention and breast health.

By having regular yearly screenings we build a reliable picture of the activity in your breasts, so that when anything changes, we can be quick to act. This part of the care I can help you with.

On a day to day basis you yourself can do a fantastic job taking care you your breasts.

See your breasts as an essential and female part of yourself and always touch them with kindness and love. They are beautiful, soft, comforting, nourishing and we should be proud to have them.

Breasts are not just appendixes of our chest, they are a real living part of you, not just vessels for milk or objects for attraction. And they are not just sitting there to accumulate toxins to become ill.

By regularly touching your breasts you familiarise yourself to the structure of the tissue and sensitivities and you will notice better when things change.

Below I have listed suggestions of what you can do to give your breasts a healthy and happy, very long life :-)


  • Cut out sugar in any shape or form. This includes starchy carbohydrates, they turn into glucose too. Cancer's favourite food is glucose, so the best strategy to treat cancer is by adopting a low or no carb diet. The best strategy to grow a cancer is to eat food that produce glucose.

  • Start a high fat and moderate protein diet to control blood sugar and maintain a healthy weight

  • Meat should be eaten raw, lightly cooked or stewed if necessary. Be careful not to burn your meat because the chard pieces of meat are carcinogenic.

  • Do not eat soya. Soya is a phyto-oestrogen, which has an influence on breast tissue, womb and ovaries. It can cause cell mutation. It also suppresses thyroid function and we need a healthy thyroid for healthy breast

  • Optimise your vitamin D3 and K2. Please sunbathe without sun screens. The, in themselves, can cause mutations in skin cells.

  • Iodine! Make sure you get Iodine. It is protective of your thyroid and essential for breast health. It can be obtained from seaweed or you can add a couple of drops of Lugol's Iodine in your tea or coffee in the morning.

  • Never have dairy with your thyroid medication. Wait at least 1 hour after taking thyroxine before having milk or other dairy products, it blocks the absorption of the medication.

  • Never use toothpaste with fluoride! Fluoride (and chlorine in water and bromine as a fire retardant in furniture/mattresses/pillows/cars) blocks the receptors for iodine on the thyroid. Also most toothpastes contain a lot of harmful chemicals. Buy something natural.

  • Optimise your omega-3, preferably from cruel oil. Another really good absorb-able source is fish eggs and caviar ;-)

  • Reduce or cut out alcohol.

  • Breastfeed your baby at least six months.

  • Do not wear underwired bras, choose ones without. There are really beautiful ones on the market nowadays.

  • Even better, wear no bra as much as you can. It will firm up the ligaments underneath and in the breasts themselves and it will stimulate the movement of lymph around the breast.

  • Reduce toxins in your breasts by regularly massaging them under the shower. Do it very gently and tenderly. Also stimulate the limbs in your armpits and sternum and collarbones.

  • Avoid deodorants with aluminium and other nasty chemicals, choose something totally natural and some days don’t wear deodorant at all. Alternatively you can make your own: 1 teaspoon of coconut oil, 1 teaspoon of arrowroot or corn flour, half to 1 teaspoon of baking soda. Mix it all up until you’ve got a bit of a thick paste and then add a few drops of essential oil to it. Enjoy and it really works fantastically!

  • Dry brush your breast to activate the lymphatics in your breasts.

  • Make sure you take at least 30 minutes a day of some sort of exercises: walking, gardening dancing, trampolining, anything that makes your lymph move. Latest evidence shows that people who sit more than six hours a day have a 30% higher chance of getting cancer.

  • Avoid hormonal contraception or replacement. Think of using condoms or a pessary/Dutch cap. Thermal imaging can observe hormonal activity in the breast very accurately and it is nearly always evident when a woman is either having her period, is on the pill, has the Merina coil or is on HRT. Every woman who uses hormonal contraception should have a breast health check every single year despite her age. You can start a breast health routine as young as 23. Let go of the idea that you have to wait till you’re 50 to start worrying about breast health. Breast thermography offers you the opportunity to be proactive in breast health and breast disease prevention.











  • Avoid electronic fields as much as possible. For instance do not wear your telephone in your bra or near your womb and ovaries, turn off your electric blanket at night, turn off your Wi-Fi. Put your telephone on flight mode at night or put it somewhere at least half a metre away from your head.

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