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Covid Vaccination information

At the moment there is a lot to do about whether or not to get the vaccine. Make sure you have all the facts before you consent to this experimental treatment that will be running until 2023.

I feel it is my duty to you as a holistic practitioner and homeopath to share my concerns:

  • Sars-Cov-2 has not been isolated, so what are you treating?

  • What is in the mRNA treatment? It contains chemicals, heavy metals, but also animal and foetal cells, so if you are vegetarian, vegan or humanist/ religious you would have moral objections?

  • This COVID treatment is not FDA approved and only given permission for emergency use only. Are we really in a medical emergency or are actual death number massively overstated by referring to case numbers and by putting death from COVID on death certificates when people have died of other health conditions?

  • How safe is it? There is evidence already of severe reactions, nerve damage and death shortly after vaccination. Only in time we will know the extent of damage to human life. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-vaccine-adverse-reactions 

  • mRNA damage to your own cell's genetics is irreversible. Any (over) reaction of your immune system will not be treatable, at best, only controlled with medical drugs.



Corona virus COVID 19 is a variant of the common cold and 99.7% recover! 

What doesn't work

  • The majority of people who are affected are asymptomatic or only have mild symptoms

  • This particular common cold seriously affects the over 80ties and those with pre-existing conditions like any flu would do

  • Mask do not work to keep a virus away

  • Social distancing of 2 metres does not work either, because a virus is so tiny, it can float much further

  • Isolating the sick and elderly

  • Causing mental distress to adults and children

  • Vaccination in this case

What does work

  • Personal hygiene, just wash your hands, clean surfaces

  • Stay at home when you are unwell

  • Protect the vulnerable

  • Have good metabolic health through a low carb diet!

  • Take Zinc, natural Vit C 500 mg, Vit D3 up to 10.000 iu + Vit K2 200 mcg daily


D.I.T.I. Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging

Medical thermography or D.I.T.I. (Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging) gives us a different way of looking at the body. The infrared camera can detect minute differences in body temperature, which can visually show us how our body is functioning.

Different ranges of temperature reflected by the skin indicate processes that are happening underneath: in organs, the breasts, muscle tissue, in arteries and veins and in bone-structures and they can all be analysed.

The temperature in an healthy person is more or less the same on the left and right hand side of the body. An inflammation anywhere in the body can result in small changes in temperature in the skin which is picked up by the ultra sensitive infrared camera.

If we can see a clear difference in temperature between the left side and the right in a thermogram, it could indicate that there may be a medical issue that needs investigating further. In a healthy body, the temperature pattern is more or less symmetrical, so anything that isn't, is worth investigating further.

The results of your screening can help:​

  • ​You practitioner make a diagnosis​

  • show your practitioner how effective the treatment is in improving your condition ​

  • your practitioner to decide on further tests regarding your complaints

Medical Thermography has been used around the world for the past 30 years and proven itself to be a reliable modality for monitoring breast health and predictor of breast disease in the future.

It became FDA approved in 1982 as a medical adjunct to mammography and ultrasound.

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V. M. age 37

Thank you, I wouldn’t have done it (remove Merina Coil) or even known of the association of contraceptive hormones and breast cancer risk, had you not recommended along with many things. So worth the appointment in so many ways : )

Chicken Breast

S. V. age 61

Hi Janet

Thank you for the report.

I am very happy with your kind approach to the report and as such not worrying too much!! I will get it investigated though.


I have to tell you that since seeing you I have followed your advice about eliminating sugar, eating meat and the results are............

​No shaking fuzziness when hungry.

Longer periods without hunger

More energy

less aches and pains in joints

1.5 kg weight loss in 1 week.


You are worth your weight in gold!!


J. H. age 57

Thank you for such a comprehensive body thermography report. Very informative and thank you for the additional advice on further exploration of my complaints, at least now we have some idea where to look for a solution.

Do you have a question, would like to make your appointment or buy a gift of Breast Health Awareness for your friend, mother or sister?

You can let me know how much the gift is for. It can be as little as £10 or up to the full amount for a breast health check. It is completely up to you. Once I receive your gift request I will send you a voucher and payment details.

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Janet van Dam

is passionate about bringing women breast health with a difference.

She qualified as a certified clinical thermographer in 2010 and she is an expert in the field of Breast Health, Homeopathy and Species Appropriate Nutrition.

“It is time for women to become breast HEALTH aware instead of

focusing on breast DISEASE".

Clinical thermography is a research and monitoring method that is safe and radiation free, and is suitable for women of all ages.